Training and Courses for Library Staff Working with Young People

4 Aug

You’ve decided to start or improve your library’s offer for young people. Fantastic! Some of you will be ready to go straight out into the community and start recruiting teens with the tools you’ve read about in YA Library UK and Teen Librarian. illustration of woman holding lightbulb Others may be hesitant, worried about a gap between knowledge and practice, wishing they had help constructing a plan. Or perhaps you feel confident in your feel confident in your skills, but other members of library staff are anxious about interacting with young people. Whatever the case, here is a list people and organisations who provide training courses for libraries working with teens.

For Your Library (Group Training)

If your library is able and willing to pay for group training, you have the option of hiring trainers for a staff-wide session. If your library service is very small, or has little money for training (or both), you may consider teaming up with nearby authorities who have similar training needs in order to diffuse costs.

There are two freelance consultants who run private training sessions for libraries: Jerry Hurst and Anne Harding. Both have been profiled at some length on Teen Librarian, so I recommend that you take a look at this post about Jerry Hurst or this one about Anne Harding for more information about them.

Opening the Book is also running a relatively new training program called Effective Outreach Projects that may be tailored to YA/teen library service projects (click through to read more about the course).

For Yourself (Individual Courses)

Perhaps you’re currently unable to access group training. You may always take a course on your own. YALSA offers a host of different courses about teen library services, which are available in two different formats: online courses (about a month in length) and webinars, (hour-long bitesized seminars).

CILIP periodically offers teen library service courses, although they aren’t running any at present. To find out when the next YA services course is available, check CILIP’s training page. CILIP also offers all of their courses to library groups at request.

Last but not least, University College London offers a short course called Services to Children and Young People, which is also an offering in their standard curriculum.

As always, if you know of any other training courses for library staff working with teens, please contact YA Library UK.

Special thanks to Anne Downes from Opening the Book for emailing information about the new Effective Outreach Projects training program.


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