Links Roundup: Practical and Pop Culture

10 Sep

Take a look below for new training courses, pop culture updates, and some great new program ideas!

Training and Courses

In September CILIP will be offering a training course for those who wants to learn about Working with Teachers in Secondary Schools!

Those Damn Anime Kids

Sean Michael Robinson of Hooded Utilitarian writes: What Do I Do With Those Damn Anime Kids?

Teen author Grace Dent tells us what she’s learned about teens (The Guardian)

Pop Culture Hijinks

The Reading Agency recently published its report on Gaming for Reading. While the study is focused on adults, many of the findings can be applied to teens.

GreenBeanTeenQueen brings us an excellent round-up of movie news (including information about a made-for-TV series based on the Walking Dead comics).

Stacked Books weighs in on Scott Pilgrim: Film versus Book.

Forever Young Adult recaps the first season of Vampire Diaries.

Check out Geek the Library, an inspired campaign to raise awareness of American public libraries. I really wish we had something like this in the UK.

Also, have you seen Nerd Fighters? Because if you haven’t, you should. Nerd Fighters love libraries. One of the young people I work with described this as “intelligent information for teenagers.”

Program Ideas

CLASY responds to Sean Michael Robinson’s aticle with a post about how to provide library-based activities for those “damn anime kids”.

YALSA brings us loads of Harry Potter teen program ideas.

YA Lit

The Booktrust Teenage Prize Shortlist for 2010 has been announced! (Teen Librarian)

Teen Zone

One of YALSA’s teen bloggers endorses having classics in your library’s teen area (just make sure the books have contemporary covers!).


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