Links Round-Up: Teen Advisory Group Case Study, Mobiles, Bullying, Et Cetera

17 Nov

Green Bean Teen Queen provides a case study of her library’s Teen Library Council and gives advice on making yours successful!

School Library Journal explains why teen areas and gaming spaces in libraries are so important and provides a few great case studies to boot!

Many public libraries are including a gaming area. Why? Because libraries are finding that teens are more likely to use other library resources and services when there’s an activity such as gaming that interests them.” -School Library Journal

The first ever issue of the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults is now available to read online!

On YPulse, a teen gives advice to companies about what teens want. Libraries can learn a lot from the five points outlined (“make it matter, hang in the hood, be real, give them the stage, don’t dumb it down”).

Danah Boyd reveals how the term “bullying” has little resonance with American teenagers. I think there is some crossover here with British teens. Maybe using the word “bullying” is impeding educational progress and bullying prevention.

Oodles of resources for body positivity and fat acceptance in YA fiction and for teens have been posted by Fat Girl Reading.

Barking Robot reports on 50 Mobile Youth Facts You Need to Know. Did you know that over a billion young people own cell phones (worldwide, of course)? Amazing. Gets me thinking on how to tie together library services and mobile phone use. I’ve heard lots of Americans say that they contact teens in their regular reading groups via text message!

Funky Librarian reports back on Connected Generation 2010 (I know this is from May, but I just found it and it’s still relevant!).

Young people need to be inspired to engage and be empowered by a social media project, engagement is not simply following but interacting, and you need to talk to them in their own language online. We need to work on ensuring the platform and content inspire the young people using libraries.” -Funky Librarian on Connected Generation 2010

The Wicked Young Writers Award (for young people ages 5-25) is now accepting submissions for its 2011 writing contest.

CLASY writes about helping teens engage with history for Remembrance Day.

Teen Librarian recommends giving some All Hallow’s Reads as part of 12 Months of Halloween.

American teens hosted an all-night reading of banned books on 10 November. Now there’s a great idea for a library program!

Finally, for all you YA book bloggers, the 2010 Holiday Reading Challenge just started on 15 November, so go start reviewing!


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