POP Culture Round-Up: Quidditch and Other Games

18 Nov

Harry Potter Wizard Chess is now available as a board game. This is a great introduction to chess, and could possibly a foundation for a new library chess club for teens!

Speaking of Harry Potter, in America many high schools and universities have started quidditch clubs!

Sacramento is hosting a Harry Potter scavenger hunt to celebrate the first of the Deathly Hallows films!

Forever Young Adult has sorted all our favourite (non-Harry Potter) YA characters into the four Hogwarts Houses!

Casual Girl Gamer presents a new round-up of free online games–great for gaming teens!

Looking for YA movie news? Green Bean Teen Queen provides it!

An interview with Matched author Ally Condie has just been posted on Forever Young Adult! It’s sufficiently silly and also slightly literary! Hurrah!

Looking for an update on great book trailers? Books 4 Teens post favourite book trailers once every week. (See below for one of their picks–the trailer for Torment by Lauren Kate.)


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