12 Months of Halloween: Zombies for Teens (Part One)

30 Nov

Greeting and salutations, all you ghoulish teen librarians! YA Library UK is taking part in Teen Librarian‘s 12 Months of Halloween year-long YA horror blogging challenge. The natural place to start is, of course, with zombies in print and on screen.

A sizable minority of the teens who visit my library are zombie fanatics. Have they read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? They were first in the reservation queues. Seen The Walking Dead? Of course. Have they watched Dawn of the Dead? They’ve seen the original and the remake.

izombi illustration by Edwin Abrescy

izombi illustration by Edwin Abrescy http://www.coroflot.com/bluegesso/

So what can libraries offer zombie hungry teens? Lots. For every zombie fan, there is an ever-expanding zombie offer: film showings, new book lists, an organised zombie walk, and fabulous quizzes and event nights.

If you’re looking for a list of zombie fiction for teens, try Karen Librarian’s read-a-like ZOMBIE novel list. Want to share a booklist with teens who come into your library? Librarian Erin Daly has made a zombie booklist bookmark that you can print out and distribute to teens! Contact me at yalibraryuk@gmail.com for a copy of Erin’s bookmark! (Aside: teens in my library literally snatched these bookmarks up!)

“All of this is great,” you say, “but my teens are really keen for zombie films. Can you recommend any zombie films (or any horror films, for that matter) rated 15, 12 or PG?” Why yes, I most certainly can!

If you’re hesitant to show hardcore horror in your library, you might prefer to try to a zombie comedy (indicated below as “zom coms”). Zom coms usually appeal to a larger audience because of their humour content (might as well state the obvious), and also because they often contain less gore and fewer frightening scenes than their serious counterparts.

All the films suggested below should come with a warning: all of the films rated 15 feature blood, gore, and heaps of scares. Card at the door or face the wrath of frightened young teens and irate parents!

Now, without further ado, zombie films with ratings under 18:

poster for Shaun of the DeadZombie Films rated 15:
Zombieland (zom com) — 2009
Dance of the Dead (zom com) — 2008
Dark Floors — 2008
Slither (zom com) — 2006
Land of the Dead — 2005
Shaun of the Dead (zom com) — 2004
Resident Evil — 2002
Return of the Living Dead Part II (zom com) — 1988
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (zom com) — 1972
Night of the Living Dead — 1968

Zombie Films rated PG:
The Last Man on Earth — 1964
Plan 9 from Outer Space — 1959
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island — 1998 (It’s not implausible that Scooby-Doo would go over well with a teen crowd!)

That’s it for now, my fellow frights. Expect more information on zombie programmes and zombie books in Part II.


One Response to “12 Months of Halloween: Zombies for Teens (Part One)”

  1. Erin Daly November 30, 2010 at 17:32 #

    I’m so glad your teens are enjoying my bookmark! (I’m not sure it’s getting much love here yet.) I enjoy the phrase “zom com” immensely and was glad to see Slither on your list. I love Slither, it’s one of the few disgusting and hilarious films that has badass female characters. And of course Nathan Fillion, who is reason enough to watch any movie.

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