Links Round-Up: Engaging Teens, Evaluating Programmes and Free Text

1 Dec

Here on YA Library UK, I’ve (finally) updated the list of funding sources for youth library programs in the UK.

cover of The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal

One of the many novels you can choose to read as part of the 2011 Debut Author Challenge!

YA book bloggers, now is the time to get involved with The Story Siren’s 2011 Debut Author Challenge, which focuses on Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction!

Information Goddess has compiled a slideshow of tips on dealing with engaging teens and dealing with challenging behaviour: Beasts in the Fair Garden: Cultivating Teens as Lifelong Library Users.

Mylee Joseph’s criteria and guidance for evaluating the success of library programmes can help you establish the efficacy of your teen events.

A UK study has shown that bribing young people to read is not an effective tactic. Youth respond most positively to books with interesting characters and exciting plots. They also show some potential interest in books they can access via computers.
UK cover of Malinda Lo's novel "Ash"
A recent Read Write Web article suggests that classrooms encourage cell phones in the classroom as a kind of digital technology. In this context cell phones would be used as educational tools. Could this also apply to the public library, and if so, how?

Gamine Expedition reports the success of YouMedia, a project that has drawn hundreds (or thousands?) or teens to the Chicago Public Library, and raised the library’s profile tremendously.

Enjoy the full text of “The Subversion of Authority in Two Graphic Novels for Young Adults” by Ariel Kahn, a paper first presented at the recent IBBY UK conference.

Teen Librarian announces Alien Ink, a new comic whose episodes are based around real issues teens face (you can even read every issue of Alien Ink online). I highly recommend Alien Ink’s comprehensive list of helplines, crisis lines, and anyone else teens might want or need to contact for advice.

New York Times writer Virginia Heffernan seeks to dispel the myth of attention spans.

“The actions of these children may dismay or please adults, but anyone who has ever been bored by one practice and absorbed by another can explain the kids’ choices more persuasively than does the dominant model, which ignores the content of activities in favor of a wonky span thought vaguely to be in the brain.” –Virginia Heffernan in the New York Times

cover of City of Bones

"City of Bones," one of the novels on the fallen angels booklist

Some months ago YA author Malinda Lo wrote a series of articles about avoiding GLBT stereotypes in YA fiction. Not only does the article make plenty of great points, it could help when selecting GLBT stock for your YA collection.

Forever Young Adult comments on the growing number of graphic novels published specifically for a teen/YA audience.

Know teens who can’t get enough of paranormal romance? Share this list of YA fallen angel novels with them (compiled by Novel Novice).

Adult Books 4 Teens releases a list of recently published adult books teens will love

Teen Today is giving away free (legal!) copies of Melvin Burgess’s short story, Chat Up Lines.

Last but never least, Youth Services Corner shows us the best of the best library websites for teens.


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