POP Culture Round-Up: TV, Graphic Novels, Harry Potter Treats & More

2 Dec

X Factor logoIf you’re like me and lack a television, you can always keep up-to-date by reading Teen Today‘s latest X Factor news including complete song lists and re-caps. Teen Today also weighs in on the upcoming filmMean Girls 2. (Aside: did you know that Teen Today features lots of swank giveaways?)

Sugar magazine has announced the three YA books you have to get in your stocking.

Did you know that the popular graphic novels The Walking Dead were recently made into a television series?promotional image for The Walking Dead graphic novelsIt aired on television in the UK for the first time on 5 November. Click here to watch a trailer (warning: contains gore, guns and zombies). The teens reading group at my library with buzzing about this show.

Film still: Hermione and Ron enjoy butterbeer.

Three Baking Sheets to the Wind show you how to make butterbeer!

Cookery blog Three Baking Sheets to the Wind just featured and entire week’s worth of Harry Potter-inspired recipes. Teen cooking programme+Harry Potter! Accio success!

Why not try decorating cookies based on the perennially popular Harry Potter Puppet Pals? Diamonds for Dessert shows you how.

The Surlalane Fairy Tales blog reviews Disney’s most recent film, a retelling of the Rapunzel entitled Tangled. The films sounds as though it features a strong female protagonist and an engaging plot. (Disney remains popular with many young people so I think this is relevant!)

Speaking of fairy tale films, Beastly (a film adaptation of the novel by Alex Flynne), is due to be released in April 2011. Start planning your tie-in promotions and events now! Since the story is based on Beauty and Beast, there are tons of things you do around that story and its myriad retellings. Watch the Beastly trailer below:

cover of Essex County graphic novelIn Graphic Novel news, everyone’s talking about the award-winning Canadian comic, Essex County (linked review by Graphic Novel Reporter).

In other news (also from the Graphic Novel Reporter): how cool does this new manga Bakuman sound? It’s about a teen who nearly gives up his dream of drawing manga, only to get the break of a lifetime. Kinda reminds me of some teens I know…


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