Links Round-Up: Teen Crafts, Zombie Freebies, and Teen Book Reviews of All Types

7 Dec

UK book competition alert: Teen Librarian will be giving away three(!) YA zombie books to very lucky winner. Enter a zombified picture of yourself by 15 January for a chance to win! (Also, check out Teen Librarian’s Post of the Living Dead about YA zombie books!)
Figment's logo
Atom Books recently launched The Atomics, inviting young people ages 12-18 to receive and review pre-publication copies of Atom titles.

Figment, an online community where young people “can share your writing, connect with other people who love to read, and discover new stories and authors” has just launched! This article about Figment on Parent Dish provides additional background information.

image of bleach stencil tee by Devotees

bleach stencil t-shirt and photo by Devotees:

BBC Blast demonstrates how to make a really awesome and fashionable bleach stencil t-shirt. This would make a popular library activity for teens. Teens could scour the library’s collection for images they to make into silhouettes; photocopy and cut out the silhouettes, then make t-shirts out of them! That’s collection promotion and fun all rolled into one.

East London Craft Guerrilla’s easy DIY bird feeders could be winter craft project for teens or tweens. If you have birds near your library, you could hang up the feeders right outside! Instant awesomeness!

So this isn’t new, but it’s still awesome: Hank Green of the vlog brothers reviewed 10 books in three minutes. I wish I could watch book-related videos this exciting all the time! (Watch below.)

More very quick book reviews: GreenBeanTeenQueen has started writing Flash Reviews of YA novels!


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