Links Roundup: Gaming in Libraries, Controversy, Plus More

3 Feb

This is more of a smattering of links than a proper round-up, but I hope all of you out there in libraryland enjoy it nonetheless. Future links roundups will be forthcoming over the next month!

Librarians in British Columbia havesuccessfully saved their popular teen reading clubs from budget cuts!

A new group for discussion of games and gaming in libraries has been established by Carl Cross. Join in the conversation! (Did anyone out there attend the Gaming for Reading conference? I’d love to hear more about it.)

The Bitch Magazine list of 100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader and coverage of subsequent controversy (more coverage/discussion can be found at Chasing Ray.

CLASY writes about giving teens a space to blog about books (they even linked to a successful library-based teen book blog to prove it works!).

Wil Wheaton loves librarians!

Some old but worthy links:

The BBC reported that secondary schools have recently “fall[en] in global ranking”.

CLASY (Canadian Libraries Are Serving Youth) writes about the importance of stocking gaming books in the library: “They go out like hot cakes and teen gamers, especially boys, are always shocked that the library carries this stuff.”

YA Bookshelf recently compiled a “list of books about suicidal teens and/or the suicide of a friend or family member”.

Galleycat gives us amixtape of 2010 YA fiction.

Students offered free membership to the Poetry Book Society if they send a scanned image of their student ID! (Via Groupthing.)

Twilight Yourself with Atom Books’ new Twilight-themed photo editor! Make yourself look vampy, then share with friends.


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