Links Round-Up: New Research, Activities, and a Quick Reads Booklist

15 Feb

The Journal of Research on Libraries and and Young Adults has just released its February issues. Click through to read the most recent issue (it’s 100% free!).

cover of Dungeon Master's Guide (for playing Dungeons and Dragons)

You don't have to read this to run a Dungeons and Dragons campaign!

Teen Librarian teaches us how to run an introductory game of Dungeons and Dragons.

YALSA has announced its 2011 list of Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers.

This could be a fun game for a Teen Advisory Board or Teen Reading Group: the human dictionary (via the Figment blog).

Click through to read more about America’s award-winning literature programme for teens in 2011.

Daemon Books discusses The Business Behind Young Adult Novels.

WORD for Teens ruminates on the underrepresentation of the university experience in YA novels.

Read a great blog post or article you think should be included in the next links round-up? Email it to or tweet @yalibraruk.


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