Links Round-Up: In-Reach, Teens on Programme Closures, YA Classification, and More

25 Feb

First, apologies to anyone who encountered a fragment of a post this morning! I had technical difficulties.

Now, on to the links round-up:

BBC News reports that more young people, ages 16-24, have been classed NEET. (NEET=”not in employment, education or training”.)

Gamine Expedition reports on a study about the reading habits of children and teens (though it was sponsored by the Association of Booksellers for Children, so, as she writes, consider the source!). The post includes this gem of a quote:

“Librarians affected 24% of YA reading decisions, bookstores not so much.”

CLASY discusses working with organisations to bring teens into the library, and doing in-reach (outreach within the four walls of the library).

This video of a young “volunteer from KICFM – 2 years unemployed and suffering health problems” who says, “What am I going to do when the radio station shuts down and when my counselling service shuts down… what am I going to do?”

Justin the Librarian attempts to divine the best labeling system for the YA section of the library.

Budding writers in Hackney (ages 13-19) can get involved with the Hackney Young Writers Collective.

Young writers also have a few days left to enter Figment’s Extraordinary Contest (deadline 1 March). Young readers who love to share their opinion about books may want to enter to Figment Review (deadline 11 March).

4YA recommends a variety of Anna and the French Kiss crafts and programmes. Very teen-friendly. Many of them are quite low-staff and low-budget, as well!

YA Librarian Tales tells us all about this time-consuming but inexpensive (and popular!) candy-making programme for teens (with photos from the actual event!).

Looking for more books for GLBT teens? The 2011 Rainbow Project list is now available!

GreenBeanTeenQueen recommends a few great YA audiobooks for beginners.

Last but certainly not least, a quote from East of Eden, by John Steinbeck:

“You’re growing up…Sometimes I think the world tests us more sharply then, and we turn inwards and watch ourselves with horror. But that’s not the worst. We think everybody is seeing into us. Then dirt is very dirty, and purity is shining white…it will be over. Wait only a little while and it will be over. That’s not much relief to you because you don’t believe it, but it’s the best I can do for you. Try to believe that things are neither so good nor so bad as they seem to you now.”


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