Links Round-Up: New Blogs, Old Zombies, Training, and a Case Study for Read-A-Thon

1 Apr

Michael Gove wants schools to teach more classic literature. A number of YA authors signed a letter objecting to Michael Gove’s initiative to create of a list of 50 books that “all children should read.” The authors didn’t object to the idea of children reading but to the idea that certain books should be mandatory. What do you think?

Trainer Anne Harding has just begun a new blog, She assures me that “there will of course be lots that relates to teenagers.” I’m not surprised, given that one of her most popular trainings is on library services for teenagers. Anne is running one of those teens-and-libraries trainings on 18 May (click for details) and a second one on 27 June.

Teen Librarian‘s How Do You Get Teenagers Interested in Sustainability? Answer: Zombies! is sure to amuse and inspire.

Green Bean Teen Queen has written a case study and instructions for running a very successful teen programme called The Teen Read-A-Thon. It sounds pretty fun!

On the YALSA blog Linda Braun ponders the recent limit set on loans of Harper Collins Overdrive books and its potential effects on teen readers and libraries.

Penultimately, and certainly not least, you can now watch a trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. It’s the talk of the town [country], I tell you.

Spicy Reads interviewed audiobook producer Tim Ditlow. Tim talks about the virtues of audiobooks (including whether they are “easier” than print books), some of his favourite YA audiobook titles, how to break into the audiobook industry, and which types of books make great audiobooks:


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