Links Round-Up: Bad News, Good Suggestions, Free Books, and Punk Lessons for Librarians

8 Apr

This week’s links round-up offers important news on library and cultural services for teens, information about books (including a free e-book offer!) and a variety of advice for librarians.


As predicted, budget cuts are seriously effecting cultural and teen resources.

Meanwhile, CILIP and author Patrick Ness are calling for more and better school libraries.

Additionally, a recent study has found that reading in your teens leads to better-paying jobs. Read about it at the Express or the Daily Mail.


Publisher Papaveria is giving away free copies of their e-books to any library that wants them. Neither title is YA, but dark new fairy tales often appeal to teens.

Meanwhile, Cat Clarke provides a list of “top 10 books with teens behaving badly”.

Inspiration, Good Advice and Crafts:

Teen librarian Justin Hoenke enumerates the lessons struggling librarians can draw from punk rock.

Meanwhile, there is an upcoming teen library services conference in Canada and a teen book convention in America. Those last two are just for little inspiration. It’s high time we had something(s) similar in the UK!


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