Links Round-Up: A Call for Interviews, Training Opportunities, a Day in the Life

16 Jun

Call for Interviewees

Ana Silva, an MA student and aspiring librarian is currently writing her thesis about library services for young adults. She would like to interview librarians and literacy professionals who work directly with teenagers. Interviews would be brief, via online chat, and take under an hour. If you are interested in increasing the body of teen library services by contributing an interview, please contact Ana at ANA-LUCIA.P.SILVA (at)


Two upcoming courses of interest: the first, for librarians who want to work with secondary school teachers, takes place on 21 June. A course for working with young offenders will be led by John Vincent and Anne Harding on 29 September 2011.

There is also a free webinar, But Graphic Novels ARE Reading!: Partnering with Teachers and Parents being offered by the American School Library Journal on 21 June, 7-8 PM GMT.

Teen Librarian Thrills and Skills

For those looking for a little perspective, YA Librarian Tales’ Day in the Life of a Teen Librarian.

The latest issue of Teen Librarian Monthly contains some useful information about making, reading, and collecting ‘zines. Zines are often popular with teens, and are worth knowing a bit about!


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