One Year Anniversary of YA Library UK!

21 Jul

16 July marked the one year anniversary of YA Library UK! Hooray for one year and over 10,000 views so far! To celebrate I have made YA Library UK a proper domain. From now on, please find us at (If you still use the old WordPress address, no worries – it will redirect automatically to the new URL.)

In the past year I have learned so much about teen library services in this country. There is more enthusiasm than I realised, and also more challenges than I initially dreamed. I hope this blog will continue to hope harness the former in order to overcome the latter.

Although there haven’t been many updates recently, I have been thinking about directions to take YA Library UK. I want it to respond to the needs of all you faithful readers. I’ve been considering ways that I can answer some of the serious requests I’ve received (advice on quality programmes libraries can provide for teens; ideas for dealing with disruptive young people without alienating them) while also getting back to what makes working with teens exciting in the first place: challenges and fun.

Working with teens isn’t just about connecting with young people, or organising well, or being kind but assertive; it’s about fun: having fun and showing young people how fun and important reading, information, and self-education are. In fact, fun is perhaps one of the most subversive things libraries can do, partly because they are seen as dry, dull, and lifeless.

So, expect two things: more posts responding to your requests, and more fun!

I aim to have a regular posting schedule, but I can’t always post as often as I like, so if anyone out there is interested in writing for YA Library UK regularly, occasionally, or even just once, I would love to hear from you.


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