Links Round-Up: Strong Opinions, New Research, Resources, and More

4 Aug

Teen Library Programmes

Make Music at the Library Week yields amazing results, including a view of one of the teens involved seemingly overcome by joy at the outcome. Find out more about the project here.


Needless to say, this call for more teen librarians by Justin Hoenke on Tame the Web is brilliant and timely. Hear hear!

In the Library with the Lead Pipe tells you why you should be reading YA. makes the case for raunchy teen lit.

YALSA conrasts dystopian and post-apocalyptic teen books.


A new paper in The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults demonstrates the value of using graphic novels to motivate struggling male adolescent readers.

Teen Librarian Resources

A student guide to copyright was recently produced by the School Library Association. It’s an excellent resource, though I would have liked to see a brief mention of fair dealing.

YALSA offers advice for librarians who may face book censorship or removal.

YA Literature and Movie News

A list of YA books published in August is brought to you by Reading Teenage Fiction.

Youth Services Corner provides a list of the movies based on books August to October 2011.

Interviews and Awards

Teen Librarian shares an interview with Jacqueline Woodson, “one of the few queer, Black or feminist writers of bestselling contemporary children’s books.”

Also from Teen Librarian: information about the Stan Lee Excelsior award for graphic novels and manga. The prize winner is chosen by young readers ages 11-16.


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