Riots and Youth

10 Aug

There’s a great post about youth and the recent riots by Matt Imrie of Teen Librarian. I suggest that you read the full account, but here are a few highlights:

I have heard people I know and in some cases have worked with refer to young people, as hoodies, rugrats, chavs and even worse. Now after the past few days of rampant vandalism and theft I fear that all young people are going to be tarred with the same brush and have more epithets added to the already large pool of slurs against them vandals, thieves, anarchists.

He goes on to talk about how this is a small portion of young people who will be held up as “examples” of overall youth behaviour, when many youth are in fact also negatively impacted by the riots.

As Matt concludes, “The kids are not alright and we need to look after them and we can start by treating them like we treat everyone else.


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