Links Round-Up: Advocating for Teens and Reading, Halloween, etc.

26 Oct


University applications for 2012 are down 9% (BBC News).

The Booktrust Teenage Prize has been suspended for the time being due to funding problems.

Resources, Research, and Programming

“‘You’ve changed my life’: teenagers, reading and libraries” is a new article by Anne Harding about how libraries can support and encourage reading amongst teens (especially disadvantaged teens).

How to Be An Advocate for Teens (by Gretchen of Librarified) is an excellent primer to advocating for teens within your library and community.

Teens are as complex as adults, but they are going through physical and mental development that makes some of their behaviour difficult to parse. Check out What Kids Need: The Building Blocks for Children and Youth to find out more about youth development.

Teen Librarian’s Toolbox has collected a number of entertaining zombie-themed activities for teens (just in time for Halloween!).

Teen Librarianship

Author and librarian Megan Honig wrote a wonderful post about why she became a teen librarian. She writes that, “My compassion for teens, and my desire to be a trustworthy, boundaried adult who can serve as a resource for teens comes from that experience too. Looking back, I think about how few adults—none, really—were able or willing to support me.”

Halloween Fun

Spinebreakers is holding a Halloween book giveaway/writing competition for teens. The deadline for entries is 31 October.


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