Links Round-Up: Cuts and Youth, DIY Your Education, and More

27 Jan

National Libraries Day poster - 4 February 2012What will you be doing for National Libraries Day on February 4th? Here are some suggestions. Does anyone have plans to get local teens involved?

Update on cuts to youth services:

Children’s services bear the brunt of grant cuts, says a new research paper put out by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. (Thanks Anne Harding for the link – and co-authoring the research.)

Related: cost of illiteracy to UK ‘tops £81bn each year’.

DIY your brain:

Nerdfighters/vlogbrothers John and Hank Green have released Crash Course onto the world. Crash course provides introductions to world history and biology. If you’re not already familiar with him, John Green is also a very popular YA author, and the series will no doubt be popular with teens. Check out the introductory Crash Course video

Speaking of John Green: I Hacked John Green’s Wesbite introduces librarians to (positive) hacking and provides some free tools to use with teens.

Since we’re on the topic of hacking and computers, I recommend Codeyear, a free coding course. It’s offered via the (also free) Codecademy. Why should teens (or librarians) care? Read Douglas Rushkoff on how he’s learning to code – and why you should too. I also recommend Rushkoff’s book Program or be Programmed.

Book and writing competitions:

Secondary school students can enter the Read This! competition to win vouchers for themselves, and an amazing book voucher and author visit for their school! Deadline: 16 March 2012.

The Gentleman Press writing competition for ages 13-21 is open until 31 January 2012.

Young people can enter to become Amnesty International’s young human rights reporter of the year. Deadline: 20 February 2012.

Teen librarians/YA lit:

Poetry inspires YA novelists. This reminds me of a Sylvia Plath-themed session that went over surprisingly well with a group of older teens. I handed out various books of her poetry and The Bell Jar.

Don’t forget to read the January edition of Teen Librarian Monthly!


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