Pop Culture Round-Up: The Hunger Games, Part II

26 Mar

Love it or hate it, The Hunger Games opened this past weekend with a 12A rating. This film (and the trilogy it’s based on) is backed by marketing clout of Twilight and Harry Potter caliber. In the next few weeks libraries will most likely be inundated by requests for all three Hunger Games novels as well as tie-in books.

If you’re curious how the film became so popular, I suggest reading this New York Times article: How ‘Hunger Games’ Built Up Must-See Fever.

Some reviews are glowing, others skeptical. Here’s a quick list:
The Daily Mail
The Guardian
The Indpendent
The Telegraph

As well as read-alikes, you might also want to suggest some “watch-alikes” from this list ofBest Post-Apocalyptic Movies. (Note: some carry ratings of 15 or 18.)

The Hunger Games in Charts is quite amusing if you’ve seen the film or read the books.

For Hunger Games read-alikes and library event ideas, see the previous Hunger Games post.


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