YA Library UK is dedicated to gathering tools and resources for anyone and everyone working with teens/young adults (ages 11-18*) in libraries. YA Library UK’s primary aim to freely share information and tools in an effort to advocate for better teen spaces and programmes in UK libraries. I hope this site will further advocacy amongst the small but growing community of library staff committed to working with young people.

If you have a query or comment, or if you’re interested in contributing to YA Library UK, please email me at yalibraryuk@gmail.com. In the meantime, please follow YA Library UK on Twitter @yalibraryuk.

YA Library UK is written and maintained by Emily Dezurick-Badran, who currently work at a library in Cambridge (sadly not currently with teens). Emily is also involved in the project Your Future Library, which is going to launch any day now, really.

*Although this states ages 11-18, “young adults” covers a group 11-25, at least in America. However, for the time being, YA Library UK covers the 11-18 age group. Maybe after a while I’ll start calling 11-13 “tweens,” 13-18 “teen” and 19-25 “young adult.” Or perhaps I’ll make up an even more confusing system emphasizing the correct use of phonics. I haven’t decided yet.**

**I promise to someday create a better system for footnotes.


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