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Library Gaming Special Edition of Teen Librarian

1 Mar

Happy March, everyone!

The wonderful Teen Librarian has put together a special issue on Library Gaming. This is actually Teen Librarian’s second issue on gaming in libraries. How cool!

The awesome thing about games is that they are designed… to be inherently fun and to challenge the mind.

The issue commences with Carl Cross’s summary of the Across the Board: Gaming in Libraries, Schools or Colleges conference. The next article (authored by yours truly) is about gaming for teen literacy in libraries. Those of you looking to boost interest in your events will be enthused by the third article, which offers sessions with popular computer game voice actor Nicki Rapp. If you’re looking for a different type of game-related event, Nikol Price gives instructions for hosting a successful afternoon-long game of Dungeons and Dragons, followed by an article by Shaun Kennedy about how to run a LARP at your library. There is an article about Games Workshop (war games) seminars for libraries. The newsletter concludes with a useful list of game novelisations and resources for those interested in gaming in libraries.

The newsletter also contains game-themed comic strips!

Gaming is a great activity for all libraries, irrespective of budget. I highly recommend that you click here and take a gander to find out more about bringing gaming to your library.